Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Issues with redirecting to /register with big forms

Posted by Cathy Sarisky on
David, I appreciate the suggestions.  I have thought about breaking this form into pieces (and I actually could process each piece separately rather than using hidden variables), but unfortunately some of the logical pieces are likely _still_ too big for completion within 15 minutes, and too long to survive a redirect.  Since this form is used by an instructor to mark student grades on submitted short essays, there's also a pretty good chance that a student will come in for help during a grading session, causing further delays before form submission.

Although the datamodel involved would allow me to break the form up to the point that it survives a redirect, it would be significantly more of a pain for the end-user.

My stop-gap solution for this problem has been to open a new window when submitting the form.  If the instructor is still logged in, great.  If not, the instructor can use the new window to log in, then hit submit again on the original form (which retains the data this way).  Seriously kludgy, but at least we're not losing input. :(