Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Issues with redirecting to /register with big forms

Cathy, does your huge form submit work with GET in any browser? My guess is no. AOLserver 3.x had a maximum URL length it will accept from the client, and I believe AOLserver 4.x works exactly the same way. If the GET request is longer than the max, it will be silently truncated. Last time I checked, this limit defaulted to 8192 bytes. You can change it like this:
ns_section ns/server/$server_name
maxline [expr {8192 * 4}]
AFAIK AOLserver provides no notification that an incoming GET request was truncated. If you need to know that, one kludgy but very simple way is to put some sort of "&end=1" variable last on the URL, and check in your processing that it is in fact still present.