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Posted by Michael Steigman on
Andrew - not sure how far I'll get. Certainly some of the ideas that are floating around now (e.g., form generation stuff) are outside of my scope at the moment - I'm really just doing this for the fun of it and to see if I can squeeze a little more use out of the package. Maybe if it reaches a point where it's seen as a somewhat viable UI to manage content, others will become interested and pitch in, especially given the lack of alternatives? I've chatted with a couple of people who seemed interested in the past few days.

Nima - others may be able to give a more complete picture but my understanding is that the package was created as a showcase for all of the CR features. The UI was so clunky and exposed so much, however that it was never used. Also, it was built as a stand-alone app on top of the CR with its own authentication screens, error screens and permission system which made it tough to use within an existing OpenACS install. I think aD took bits and pieces of the technology and created wizards out of it for their clients who required a CMS.