Forum OpenACS Q&A: javascript chat version killing netscape

I just tested the javascript version of the chat module.

After the second post the javascript window closed down itself first
and then all other running netscape processes. I was browsing on a
4.77 netscape on RH.

Deja Vu???

I have gone through the same problem, I don't know whats going on!
but with internet explorer I have no problems, well, actually, the problem is with netscape under linux (at least for me)...
Posted by Scott Seago on
This problem has been around for quite some time. I first ran into this error over a year ago. No one found a solution, though -- it seems to be a rather obscure Javascript bug which only happens with Netscape under Linux (possibly other Unix platforms as well?). On Windows, neither Netscape nor IE exhibit this particular error. Also, Netscape only crashes if you submit two posts in a row with no intervening posts or login/out messages by others.
Posted by David W. Parker on
First off it is of my openion that Netscape is the worst internet browsing software on the market.
I have always had problems with Nescape both on Linux, and Windows 95,98, 2000.
As for me and my house I refuse to use netscape unless I have no choices
I would love to see someone make Microsoft Internet Explorer work with Linux Red Hat..... I would if I knew enough to do so.
Thank you,
David W. Parker
C.E.O., Angelic Web Designs
Phoenix, AZ