Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Javascript Popup Login

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Well, Sam gave a great link and I learned a bit more about javascript...

Now Russell asks, "do you Really REALLY *REALLY* want to do this?"

It's really a client request, so no, not REALLY!

My Questions:

Do you recommend using only ONE window for a website, and avoid the use of multiple browser windows 'adult' sites that seem to open a gazillion browser windows? It seems like there are advantages, sometimes, to opening a new window which is just a short side path and when the user closes it, the user is back to the main page...

Is javascript being used in OpenACS 4.0? If so, how and how much? It seems that some small amount of javascript may be useful, BUT I can see how it gets complex quickly. Then there is the issue of compatibility with various platforms and browsers. I love the idea of being platform and browser agnostic.