Forum OpenACS Development: Porting, SQL and TCL files

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Is it true that after porting there should be no SQL in any TCL files? I am almost done porting the clickthrough module, and it seems to be working fine, except that it hasn't been tested with Oracle yet.

So I just want to know if I should remove all the SQL from the db calls and replace them with ""

Posted by Don Baccus on
You don't need the inline SQL in TCL files, but we've not yet been removing them.  The basic reason is that we can write a clean-up tool after the dust raised by porting has settled, so there's really no reason to ask people to spend their valuable time hacking away in editor-land removing them manually.

So - yes, we want them gone.  No - don't feel obligated to remove them by hand because we expect to remove them automatically in the future.

We haven't talked about the db api yet, i.e. if we remove queries do we remove the query arg altogether, keep it and pass "", or keep it and default it to "".  I look at this as being a minor issue, actually, especially if our plans to automate the transformation are carried through (and it will be at some point, the question is only "when").