Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS on Win2K

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Thanks Pascal,

I found doc/src/sgml/install-win32.sgml which details how you make the client library (libpq.dll and libpqdll.lib and some other stuff) using Visual C++.  Sure enough, I can now see that the src tree has several win32.mak files to feed VC++.

Since I've been Visual C++ free for several years now, I just want to confirm: did you use VC++ to build the dll and lib, or did you get gcc to do the trick (and if so, how?)

I note that the config.h built by configure for cygwin is significantly different the cygwin.h.win32 that would be used by Visual C++ iff no other config.h existed.  A make clean prior to building with VC++ would appear to build the client libs conflicting with the way pg itself was built.  So am I right to assume you built the client libraries over the already configured for cygwin tree?

Thanks once more,