Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: some basic xotcl and ::xo::db questions

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Mark,

i am not sure, what Malte was talking about in detail (i have not looked into details about dynfields, i have no application that uses dynfields, for malte the situation is different in the po context). However, the b´db layer in xotcl-core layer has already some support for data model changes:

- In particular the xo-db-layer supports data model extensions, i.e. additional attributes or tables (if the extension is done via the object layer).

- The xo-db-layer does not support data model migrations (altering data types etc.). Here the problem is actually less the data model migration itself (one could drop the old data model and create a new one), but the data migration, where i have certain doubts that it is feasible to do it fully automatically. I am not sure, if i would trust such a mechanism.

-gustaf neumann