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Posted by G. Armour Van Horn on
Is there an experienced/semi-experienced OpenACS user that would like to trade time, attention, and expertise for hosting?

I'm biting the bullet and going to jump in. I have a dual Pentium Pro box with lots of expandability (2 CPU sockets open, 8 of 12 hotswap SCSI bays open) on the way, and have a 768K DSL line with an unused IP.

As soon as it arrives (and I figure out where I'm going to put it) I'll be installing Redhat 7.1, PostgreSQL 7.1.2, and OpenACS 3.2.5. I'd be delighted to offer more-or-less permanent hosting for a couple of sites to anyone that has been through this and can help get me over some of the early hurdles - not to mention help me get past my current Apache/static pages paradigms.

If you don't want to discuss this here, drop me a note at