Forum OpenACS Development: Events module for OpenACS 4

Posted by Piyush Shah on
Just wondering if anyone is working on a port of the 3.x Events
module to 4.x? I kind of remember it being mentioned on one of the
forums here recently but can't find the thread again. Or is the new
calendar module from OpenForce going to include this functionality? I
couldn't find a version for ACS 4.x on aD's site either.

p.s. Thanks to all the core team - this new version looks really
good. Looking forward to the first release!

Posted by Don Baccus on
Talk to Ben directly about whether or not the OpenForce client-driven calendar rewrite will include this kind of functionality.

If not, AFAIK no one is working on moving it over.  I'd prefer to see folks pick up existing unported 4.x packages before adding new ones to the mix, though (excepting packages we may decide to dump, i.e. places).