Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to mod_log_spread for AOLserver?

Posted by Jerry Asher on
I don't know that anyone has created a spread module, but it may not be too hard. You may be able to create your own, inexpensive spread (sorry), by:
  • recycling the spread daemon from mod_log_spread to create a spread daemon on your local machine
  • using Rob Mayoff's dqd_log module to get AOLserver to send access log entries directly to an external program".
  • creating that external program to forward log messages to the spread daemon (by removing anything but the spread communication code from mod_log_spread.c)
In the long run, once the basic system is working, it would be pretty easy to change ns_log.c to interact directly with the spread daemon.

One question: mod_log_spread looks like it addresses what AOLserver refers to as the access log. What is your strategy regarding the AOLserver server log? (Which could also be spread, but would require mods into a different piece of AOLserver.)