Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Groups API in 4.x

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Roberto, there is no real documentation as far as I know. One general tip though: When you want to do something like create users or add users to groups, look at the way the stock ACS Tcl code does it, as it frequently is NOT as simple as calling what you would think are the correct PL/SQL functions. This sort of "learn by example" is the only reliable way to pick up this stuff, I think.

For example, from PL/SQL, the correct way to create a new ACS user is with acs.add_user() - NOT with! ( APPEARS to work, but does not quite do all the right things.) But the only way to realize this it to read the Tcl code.

For adding a user to a group, on the other hand, this:

v_rel_id :=
   object_id_one => v_group_id
  ,object_id_two => v_person_id

does the right thing, as you might expect. But it sounds like you already figured all that out, despite the cryptic nature of object "one" vs. "two".