Forum OpenACS Q&A: Postgres and Data Warehouse/Data Mining?


Anybody have experience with using Postgres for data warehouse/data
mining?  Or know of it's use for such processing?

I'm wondering how it does/would compare to the commercial databases
used for data warehousing & mining.  Especially at what point, if any,
Postgres would simply not be able to scale any higher as to the
volume/size of data to manage and process.

Also, are there any features you think would give Postgres the edge
over a comercial product such as Oracle (besides price).

Moreover, I'm wondering how big a data warehouse/mining situation
Postgres can handle would be; at what point, if any, would one
**have** to go with Oracle, DB2 or whatever.



Posted by Talli Somekh on
Well Louis, if you're looking to be convinced that PG is good, you came to the right place!

From what I understand, PG is capable of handling *msssive* amounts of data. It's been primarily used by researchers and scientists to hold huge datasets for things like astronomical data. So I imagine that you will find it rather effective for many things that you would need it for.

Others can fill you in with more detailed arguments.