Forum OpenACS Q&A: Register for the OpenACS Social!

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Hey guys,

Please go to the Musea Technologies website ( and register for the social ( Please, please do this so that we know how many people to prepare for.

Also, Civilution will be co-sponsoring this gig along with Musea and Furfly. So everyone come on out!

Oh yes, aD employees are welcome to join, too. However, there will be some rules:

  • We will not be serving any java - er, I mean, coffee. Please bring your own.
  • You will not be allowed to interrupt an OpenACS community member while he or she talks. If you do, you will receive an immediate flame on all of the ACS bboards.
  • You will have to explain to the OpenACS'ers what the hell Oracle InterMedia does and how to get it to work.
Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it there! Please remember to register.

hope things are going well.