Forum OpenACS Q&A: Knowledge management module status ?

hej all,

A while back there was mention of work on a KM module similar to
the Siemens sharenet project. Is there any new information about
this effort? I am interested to know if this is an ongoing project,
who is working on it, and how the project is going.

Thanks for any info.

Posted by Ben Adida on
There is currently no explicit KM project under way under the OpenACS
umbrella. There is certainly interest in getting such a project built
on OpenACS 4.x. If you're interested in pitching in, either in overall
design or development, you should by all means let us know!
Posted by Carsten Clasohm on
There is some new information about the Knowledge Library of Siemens ShareNet: It will be ported to ACS 4 Tcl during the next months, and the result will be made part of the ACS.
Posted by Ben Adida on
Carsten, can you give us more details? Is this work being done by
ArsDigita? What is the timeline? Will it be truly open-source? Why not
consider building it for OpenACS 4.x? After all, ACS 4 Tcl is, as
ArsDigita has described, "over."
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Carsten, this is terrific news. If ArsDigita (or anybody else)
makes a KM application available as part of the ACS, there are
many in the community who are eager to jump in and work on
improving it.

I agree with Ben, though, that it would make sense to develop on
OpenACS if the project is being done in 4.x Tcl. You'll get a lot
more community support that way, since OpenACS Tcl has a
future while ACS Classic Tcl doesn't.