Forum OpenACS Development: Re: error on file-selector xinha plugin in oracle

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hmm, looks like a bug in the content_item.get_path implementation in Oracle. For the root folder, the folder_path is "" (empty). In this case, item_id == root_folder_id.

Maybe content_item.get_path is only broken, when the item_id is the root_folder_id. If yes, then a possible fix is to use the following snippet in file-selector.tcl

set folder_path ""
if {$root_folder_id != $folder_id} {
   set folder_path [::xo::db::sql::content_item get_path \
                     -item_id $folder_id \
                     -root_folder_id $root_folder_id]
Please let me know, what you find out. Best regards -gustaf neumann

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
That's exactly what I did for now. I was checking at the content_item.get_path function but I don't have enough time to debug right now.

I will dig into it later on.