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Posted by Peter Monien on
Obviously, the field "description" is not meant to have the meta tags typed in, to optimize the page to be found with google etc.

Can anybody give me a hint if there is something for meta tags somehwere in ETP?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Richard Hamilton on
You could do this by creating a new ETP 'application' (using the tcl API) that defines a meta-tags field in addition to the basic etp application field spec. (look in the etp source code for guidance - refer to the default application specification code). You would then need to write your own template to return these as part of the >head< of the page when delivered to the browser. The bast way to do this would be to pass the field up to the master template in a variable and have an >if<>/if< in the master template that check for a value and returns default meta-tags if the variable is not set.

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