Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Payroll Function for Employees in Intranet Module

Welp, I think that's a problem I introduced. What version of Postgres are you using? Even with all the patches I've submitted, intranet continues to be a bug ridden mess.  I'm just glad that the Intranet Module was never written for 4.X Muhahahahahahhahahahhaha ;)  Seriously, I'm willing to go thru and fix bugs as they are found.. If SDM could be set up so that I got e-mail alerts when bugs were submited, as well as giving me power to close bugs when they are fixed, why that would be wonderful! But alas, I'm not holding my breath... I've always wondered.. We've got some nice tools to do collaborative work w/OpenACS (Ticket Tracker/SDM) but it never has been used to it's full potential IMHO