Forum OpenACS Development: Re: nesting and list-builder

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Oops, just noticed Malte's post.

Considering I just barely grok list builder at this point, I don't think I should be hacking on it.  I might accidentally do something like rewrite the UI to make it actually easy for mere mortals to use. ;)  I do intend to put my work into project manager, provided Jade agrees, and if someone who is more comfortable with list builder internals, and has more time, wants to take it and add it in I'd be happy to answer questions.  But I can't do it myself right now.

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
<blockquote>Claudio is correct, you can not maintain the tree
hierarchy and alphabetize in a single query.  Same's true
of CONNECT BY in Oracle.  Just can't be done ...

Here's a "cheat":  load the three into memory and sort it there.  I think used the tree package ( to do this once.  It wasn't fast, but it worked.

Posted by Dirk Gomez on
That's not try anymore for Oracle >= 9i. There is an order by siblings (and some other order by goodies).