Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Possible bug in ad_form

Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, I grumbled when the collaboraid folk overloaded ad_form with this display functionality, which wasn't part of the original design at all.

This is definitely a bug.  I've not looked at the code that was added to handle display mode, do you have time to track it down?  ad_form has become a complex mess internally at this point.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
  • How often is the display mode used by people. What is the alternative?
  • Is it to late to switch and unload the display functionality from ad_form?
  • What is the alternative?
  • Does it have profound implications on performance (to have it all in one place)?
  • Is the major obstacle "just" the diffculty to maintain the beast?