Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Some quickly thoughts about our experience with dotlrn.

Thanks for you feedback Jose,
Well, disk quotes, meaning limit the amount of data to be stored in a given fs instance is important.
Scalability is as well an important issue.

I don't understand this:
-Possibility of filing courses to unload of objects the data base at end of courses (I think of there are some package for Oracle related with this)

You mean, erasing content after the course is finished? if yes, our experience has shown that keeping the content makes the system more atractive for the users, in the long term, the students will go back to their old clases to grab some information that might be useful for them, and that sort of things make the use of .LRN more attrative for the end users. In general, you want to keep the history of the courses given, and keep growing you resources to be able to host that information, Galileo has almost 4 years of past courses on its installation.