Forum OpenACS Q&A: nsopenssl 3.0 beta 26 now available

Repost from AOLSERVER mailing list, original subject: "Bug #1069595: Memory leak in nsopenssl v3_0beta25, possibly fixed."


To everyone using nsopenssl 3.0 with AOLserver:

There was a memory leak introduced between v3_0beta22 and v3_0beta25. For more details, see SourceForge Bug #1069595:

I believe I've identified the cause of the leak and have implemented a fix. I've committed the fix and have tagged version v3_0beta26 now. You can either get it from CVS, or download a source tarball:

I unfortunately do NOT have a suitable environment for reproducing the leak (need a browser that has 40-bit SSL, such as Netscape Navigator 4.0x Export Edition). However, I'm pretty confident that the fix is correct -- please let me know right away if you suspect it's still not fixed correctly and if you're still seeing a memory leak.

-- Dossy