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Posted by Zachari Partridge on
Has there ever been a discussion about getting a booth in the Linux
Pavillion at COMDEX?  Zack.
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Posted by Ben Adida on
No, there has been no such discussion, but if anyone has connections
to the people operating the Linux booth, we'd be happy to see some
OpenACS volunteers there! This sounds like a great way for a new
OpenACS community member to jump in and help out!
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Posted by Jon Griffin on
I just bought a house in Vegas, so I can certainly be there. I don't know anyone at the Linux Pavillion though.
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Posted by Zachari Partridge on
I don't have connections but, I will be happy to gather information, write some e-mails, and make some phone calls and find out what it would take to get a booth in the Linux Pavillion at COMDEX.  Also I'd be willing to coordinate an effort to get a booth if thats what the Open ACS community wants.
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Posted by Zachari Partridge on
Here is what I found by communicating with key3media...

Greg Haig,

am interested in finding out
how to get a booth in the Linux Pavillion at COMDEX for the OpenACS
you have any suggestions?  This is just a preliminary investigation.
Thanks,  Zack.


Thanks for your interest in the Linux Business Expo!  There are a variety
of ways you can participate in this event.  We currently have turnkey
exhibit packages for the Embedded Linux Consortium and Linux International
as well as straight exhibit space.  The ELC package includes a tunkey
10'x10' for $9,000, the LI package includes a turnkey 5'x10' for $5,000 and
exhibit space alone is $5,795.  Deliverables for each of the packages vary,
so I would be happy to go into this further over the telephone.  I can be
reached at the numbers listed below.

Best regards,

Rob Mahoney
National Sales Manager
Key3Media Events
781-433-1629 office
617-216-2592 cell

To:   <>
Subject:  RE: COMDEX Fall 2001Linux Pavillion

O.K. a 10X10 exhibit space is $5795; that is an empty space inside the
Pavillion right? What is the deadline for exhibitor registration?  Also are
there any guidelines or restictions?

Yes - a 10'x10' is $5,795.00 which is just an empty footprint -- you bring
your own exhibit area.  Booths are booked on a first come first serve
basis.  You can purchase space right on up through show time, however you
may not get the one you want.  In terms of restrictions in a 10'x'10 - it
primarily depends upon location.  Nothing can be hung above the exhibit
area (banners, balloons, etc.) and side walls can be no higher than 4 feet
so that they do not obstruct lines of sight.