Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: ".LRN Technology Choices Explained" -- feedback requested on this draft

After a quick read, everything sounds fine, and elegant. This kind of document has been needed for a long time, so has been a great progress.

For the last paragraph, do you have the answers to that questions?

For documented, my opinion is that we have a good documentation but not complete, specially when someone wants to start to play with .LRN and customize for its own need. Some sort of self learning / code research always happen, and that's one of the thing we want to address at e-lane in the next year (around march 05).

For sophisticated, yes, indeed, we are sophisticated (though that word can mean to many things, but sounds good =), specially when you start to see a lot of dummy implementations (php) or too complicated ones (java).

Probably we'll need a detailed list of functionalities, isn't it?

I know the consortium did a survey to known users, so data will come.