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Posted by Nitish Bezzala on

We are making changes to the bookshelf package to use for our company's library.
Please let me know if anyone will be interested in the package once we complete it.
Should it be released as another version of bookshelf, or as a completely different package?

Here are the requirements we are working with:

Each book will have a serial number.
Even if there is more than one copy of a book, each copy will have a serial number.

The library should list all books and author name, publisher name, whether the book is available or not, the return date.

Library should provide an option to search for a book based on the book name, author or publisher.

Library should also be able to list e-books and the url for downloading them.

Library will provide a means for borrowing a book, for reissuing a book, for returning a book, for joining the queue for a book and for leaving the queue for that book.

Library should highlight all books which are overdue.

A reminder mail should be sent to users who have overdue books.

An employee should be able to request for a book.
She should be able to reissue the book.
If a book is already taken by one employee, then another employee should be able to join the queue for that book.
If there is a queue for the book, then the current borrower should not be able to reissue the book.


The admin should be able to add a book.
Admin should be able to edit the books details.
Admin should be able to send a reminder to the borrower of a book when his book is due.


2: Re: Bookshelf (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
It feels to me that it is a different package, but either way, please be so kind and make it available to the whole community once you are finished.
3: Re: Bookshelf (response to 1)
Posted by Ben Koot on
Looking at the original bookshelf module, I think it would be useful to add a parameter function that would make the Amazon reference/interface an option, rather than a default setting. I have plenty of books I would like to feature and advise to my users, without a desire to sell them via Amazon. There are plenty of other sources around the world that offer on-line book sales.

My sugestion would be:

- ISBN number only as reference, no link to sales mechanism.
- Create aditional field where users can optionaly add their prefered on-line bookseller, i.e the URL of their affiliate programm.


4: Re: Bookshelf (response to 1)
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
This will be a nice contribution, and probably will fit as a new version of the bookshelf pkg, anyway, if you are willing to commit this new code, keep allowing the actual functionalities to work as they are now and just make your new aditions optional.

But since you are creating a kind of library system, it might be better to create a new pkg.