Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Might anyone like to design and build an e-mail centered forum enhancement?

Hey guys, we need to coordinate

Hey Roc, you're disturbing my business here :-) Just kidding, a general incoming email processing package sounds great.

is what makes more sense instead of creating a gradding system for the forums, evaluation is already an gradding system flexible for .LRN.

I don't think Bruce is really talking about a grading or evaluation system in a broader sense (although this might definitely be a part of one), but a simple modification of the current Forums package so that it would also support his and his students' needs.

Just in case you're interested, we're going to release Simulation 1.0 next week (shhhh, it's a secret) and it's also something that's designed for cases like yours. I have to be upfront tho and admit that the interface is at the moment not able to fullfil the needs you've mentioned in this thread.