Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Debian package of .LRN

Posted by Celio Guimaraes on
Despite the error message in my post yesterday,
I successfully installed dotlrn. Thanks Otto!
What I did (for those who may have found installation problems):
1. apt-get --purge remove aolserver4 (it will also purge and remove a previous dotlrn installation)
if a previous installation try failed you should drop the postgres dotlrn  database and user:
  su - postgres dropdb dotlrn
  su - postgres dropuser www-data
2. apt-get install dotlrn
    I did a localhost installation on port 8000
    (for a network installation you'll have to edit
      the postgres config file pg_hba.conf, as stated in
      the proper dialog box)
3.After the command that tries to create again the database
user www-data, start the dotlrn aolserver as stated:
      /etc/init.d/dotlrn start
4.In your browser point to http://localhost:8000/
You will get the web based dotlrn installation page.
After the dotlrn database filling process, the dotlrn aolserver shutsdown and you have to restart it as above
5. set your browser URL to:
and you will get the dotlrn login page
Posted by Otto Solares on
Yes, the problem you were seeing was the user/database been lying around and the installer assumes they doesn't exists.  I would never add any code to drop the user/database as that could lead to trouble.  I would add code to properly detect the database and proceed without errors.  Your feedback have been very useful, thanks!

PS.  Maybe you could contribute a portuguese translation to the installer... :)