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Posted by Jade Rubick on
Thanks to the work of Malte Sussdorff, the site will be upgraded this weekend, barring any major problems.

The upgrade will take 7am GMT, this Saturday. During this time, the site will redirect to a page that warns you the site is being upgraded.

Plan for the upgrade:


  1. Don will work on adding pagination to forums before Saturday, and let everyone know if he doesn't have the time to finish.


  1. Write up document on how to switch over to in existing CVS checkouts.


  1. Make anonymous pserver work for


  1. Run the script on his computer with a recent oacs-5-1 checkout (oacs-5-1-compat checkout, right?).
  2. Once this is successful, make the site available at
  3. Upgrade all other packages and fix / document problems along the way.
  4. On the day of the upgrade following things will happen:
    1. Announce on that all postings done from now on will not be available on the new site.
    2. Set up an index.vuh file which redirects the old site to a page that lets everyone know that is being upgraded.
    3. Make a dump and copy it over to my machine.
    4. Run the upgrade
    5. Install PG 7.4.5 on
    6. Copy the dump from the successful upgrade on my machine to and install in PG 7.4.5
    7. Copy sourcecode from successful upgrade to
    8. Move /web/ to /web/
    9. Change runfile to run /web/ on port 8005
    10. Move successful upgrade sourcecode to /web/
    11. Change runfile to run /web/ on
Comments, annotations, warnings, suggestions ?
Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
The following bash command will change to in all of the CVS/Root files in all subdirectories. So do this to change over a directory:
cd /var/lib/aolserver/service0
for file in `find . -name Root | grep CVS`; do  perl -p -i -e 's/openacs\.org/cvs\.openacs\.org/' $file; done 
Don't do this if you are using anonymous access via pserver (ie, your CVS/Root says "") or you will break your cvs checkout, because pserver hasn't been set up yet for You can reverse this change by repeating the command with openacs\.org and cvs\.openacs\.org swapped.)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Somone has to change the DNS record as well once the move was successful.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Finally the site is running with 5.1.3 on Looking forward for feedback and new way in how to make best use of the new plattform we have.
Posted by C. R. Oldham on
Malte, Thanks to you and everyone else that made this possible. --cro