Forum OpenACS Q&A: Room reservations 0.3 released

Posted by Jade Rubick on
Room reservations is a package which manages reservations of multiple rooms.

Here are the changes since the last release:

2004-11-11 15:04  jader

        * Allow users who are not admins to edit
        room reservations unless the room requires approval before going
        live. Then they can't change it unless they are an admin.

2004-10-04 17:08  jader

        * Slight improvement to appearance of room reservation view page.

2004-09-09 11:56  jader

        * Fix query which expires older items

2004-07-21 16:26  jader

        * Fix bug that prevents week view of calendar from showing.

2004-07-14 14:19  jader

        * Fixed display of room reservation page,
        took out reject link that goes nowhere.  Add in link to cancel room

2004-07-12 16:04  jader

        * Remove creation of permissions from facilities create script