Forum OpenACS Q&A: wiki layout problem

Posted by Jeff Rogers on
Whenever I try to look at the wiki here the formatting is rather broken - the content body doesn't start until after the left side navbar.

After a little digging, it appears that the problem is something of a conflict between different width specifiers: the left column is 245px, the right column is 70%, and the body has max-width: 75em. The combined result is that if 23ems is smaller than 245px (which I figure will happen around 10pt) the content div gets floated beneath the navigation, making things rather ugly.

You can see this behavior pretty easily in a gecko browser by making the font smaller 2 or 3 times (Ctrl=-). Or if you're unlucky like me, that's the default.

If the styles are set with a width in pixels that's also a percentage, then could the body width be set in pixels also? (e.g., change body "max-width: 75em" to "max-width: 818px")