Forum OpenACS Development: Writing the .info file and commiting the changes to CVS

I am almost ready to commit the changes to the CVS can someone
explain the steps/commands I need to run? I am not too familiar with
CVS. Also, what needs to be in the .info file? Do the .xql files need
to be reflected in the .info file? I just clicked on the

"Write an XML package specification to the packages/simple-
survey/ file"

Link on the package manager page for the simple survey package. Is
that all I need to do?

One last question. Should I change the package information to reflect
the new information (such as version url, vendor URL, etc)?


What you need to do is to visit the APM page reached by the "manage files" link on the page brought up for the package.  That will show you files that no longer exist (i.e. sql/*.sql files moved to oracle/*.sql and the like).  Select the "delete crossed out files" to get rid of them, if any.  Then select the "search for new files" and add them - after deleting any junk like "t.tcl" or "temp.xql" etc.

After deleting/adding files take a good look at the list of files and when you're convinced they're all there, THEN write a new .info file.

After writing the .info file commit your changes and, voila, you're done!

Thanks Don.  What is the command to commit the changes to CVS?
cvs ci filename
cvs ci -m "your message" filename
There are many docs on CVS on the web, you really should read them as there are other things you can do.

Thanks.  I would love to read the docs, I just don't have the time at the moment.  I wish the days were longer!! :)

How do I add the new files to the CVS tree?  I tried using cvs import and cvs add and they don't work.  Thanks.
Never mind.  I have to add the directory first.