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This is my first attempt at installing openacs4 from scratch. The installation of openacs4 breaks on the page indicated in the above heading, the symptom being that I get a bunch of error messages that oscillate between a query on 'select file_type_key from apm_package_file_types' and a query on 'select db_type_key from apm_package_db_types'. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?
What error message are you getting, exactly, and are you installing under Postgres or Oracle?
I'm installing under postgres. I'm not getting an "error message" per se, but, as indicated in my original question, a symptom.

The main symptom is that the web page stalls when it's trying to load and then when I look at the "log" output, I see a long string of standard-looking "Notify" messages regarding the SQL that's being run (which is the SQL listed in the original question). It's just an alternation between queries on the apm_package_file_types and the apm_package_db_types tables, with no other error messages that I can detect.

(I would give you an example of the log output, but I don't currently have it in front of me.)

OK, if anyone else out there asks a bozo question like this, I've figured out what the answer is: Just ignore the oscillation between those two queries that shows up in the "log" and wait it out. I finally did that, and everything installed without a hitch.

Thanks, guys, for your wonderful porting work to date!