Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to staroffice (openoffice) integration...

Posted by David Kuczek on
My starting point was the fact that I would like to integrate some kind of converter that displays different msOffice documents in HTML within the file-storage.

So I was checking out I compiled it and was not 100% satisfied with the output. Then I thought of StarOffice. They have filters to convert msOffice-formats to HTML or other web-valueable formats.

Then I thought, that it might be a nice idea to integrate the WordProcessor of openoffice as an application to the file-storage. We already had a discussion concerning the YahooMail "word-processor" on this bboard.

At that point Jörg Heilg wrote the following two posts:

"The project where we do this is called Sun ONE Webtop. I would love to see more development happening based on it. Yes, I know it is not open source. But it is scalable, it has a Web services API and it is intended for such usage."

"My name is Joerg Heilig and I am the engineering Manager for Sun ONE Webtop. To answer the question, yes there is a product based on OpenOffice that offers these conversion capabilities. It is not exactly tailored to do only this. Instead it provides you the infrastructure to develop any Web application based on office productivity. Sun ONE Webtop comes with a multi-tier architecture designed for Web Applications. Please check out the details at"

I underlined the phrase that weptop was not open source. I don't know what SUN would think, if some of the capabilities that they offer with ONE (which sounds a little bit like .NET ;-) would appear within openacs.

My technical skills are not as advanced as I could say how easy it might be to integrate code mostly written in C++ into a tcl-based web-infrastructure. This I wanted to hear from some more experienced members of the community.