Forum OpenACS Development: general-comments almost done

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
I am almost done with general-comments. I had intended to commit most of it today, but my Oracle installation is dead, so I can't test the oracle part. As soon as I (or someone else) have confirmed that it still works in OpenACS/Oracle I will commit. In the mean time, those who need it can get it as an apm file from my site:

You can not yet attach files/images to a comment, as I am not yet done with that part. The it makes use of the acs_message__new_file, which has been marked:

-- Developers: Please don't depend on the following functionality
-- to remain in the same place.  Chances are very good these
-- functions will migrate to another PL/SQL package or be replaced
-- by direct calls to CR code in the near future. 
What shall I do, just use them - or use the CR directly?

If someone knows how to fix the following problem with oracle, please tell me. While I was running the script to drop my test tablespace, oracle crashed (well, my Linux box did anyway, ten processes were marked 'defunct', oracle included). After reboot I got the following error:

SQL> Connected to an idle instance.
SQL> ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area   85004272 bytes
Fixed Size                    69616 bytes
Variable Size              76374016 bytes
Database Buffers            8388608 bytes
Redo Buffers                 172032 bytes
Database mounted.
ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 9 - see DBWR trace file
ORA-01110: data file 9: '/ora8/m02/oradata/ora8/openora01.dbf'

SQL> Disconnected

Database "ora8" warm started.
The openora01.dbf file has already been deleted by oracle (or my script, dunno which), so it's gone. But oracle still thinks it's there. I have found the trace file, which simple states 'file not found error'. How can I clean up the catalog (I assume that is what it's called) or something? I grep'ed for openora01.dbf, and these files match:
Binary file m01/app/oracle/oradata/ora8/control01.ctl matches
Binary file m01/app/oracle/oradata/ora8/control02.ctl matches
Binary file m01/app/oracle/oradata/ora8/control03.ctl matches
Binary file m01/app/oracle/oradata/ora8/rbs01.dbf matches
Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
commit'ing the heinous sin of replying to my own post, I am happy to report that general-comments is now available for OpenACS-4. I managed to get my Oracle back on its feet, and gc-oracle works (for me). It's in CVS.

I need to squat some bugs, but any module depending on GC should work, just don't try to add images/files right now.

I would still like some feedback on wether I can rely on acs_message__add_file or if I need to use CR.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
There has been some discussions on refactoring the messaging/mail packages, and it appears that the acs_message package is nothing more than an wrapper around the content-repository, so it seems like a good idea to just go ahead and call the CR package functions directly.
Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
Yes, those functions in acs-messaging-packages.sql do nothing but
combine two or three calls to CR. Should I use CR for Postgres and
Oracle, or just PG?
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Use it for both.  As much as possible, we want both the oracle and postgresql versions to function the same.