Forum OpenACS Development: porting of education package?

Posted by Rafael Calvo on

I didn't find the education package listed in the timeline.
Could we add it there so we can get volunteers. I could offer myself
(or people form my group) but only beginning in August.


Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
The education package appears to part of ACES. A while back, there was a discussion about porting ACES to openacs 4.x, but I haven't heard anything else on the subject. Is anyone currently working on porting ACES to work with openacs 4.x?
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I <a href=>uploaded </a>the file I emailed you.
It is based on today's status file and adds the packages that I believe are required for ACES. Many of them are already being ported.
Gree for ported, brown for assigned and red for missing in the original status file.
<br>Disclaimer: I have no experience with ACES code. ANyway I thought it would be usefull (and I wanted to upload a file :-)