Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Continuing TCL Development / Beginning Java.

Posted by Bill Kong on
  I've been a big fan of Arsdigita and OpenACS. However, one major problem I have to create an ACS web site is web hosting. "Classic ACS" requires the expensive Oracle, which is close to impossible for putting up a non-profit site. The OpenACS is also troubling because it requires AOL server -- most hosting companies will not let customers to choose a separate web server (they only provide the default web server such as Apache). However, nowdays many hosting companies do support Java and provide servlet engines. So, I think Java is a much better choice for OpenACS porting. Furthermore, I know many of you create web sites using OpenACS -- you will attract more customers if you use Java because of its wide adoption in the industry and a larger number of developers (eventually the customer probably will want to maintain the site. it's more difficult to find a TCL developers than find a java developer).