Forum OpenACS Development: Upgrading to current CVS version.

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
When upgrading from an older version of OpenACS 4 to the current CVS
version, will the package manager automatically handle data model
changes? In other words, if I download new .xql and .sql files will
the package manager update the data model, PL/SQL functions, triggers,
etc? Or is it necessary to bootstrap from scratch?
Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
Datamodel files will not be processed again. I don't think they ever will be. The .xql files will be processed, when you check them out.

.xql files are loaded at startup of the server, so you need to either restart the aolserver process *or* use the package manager and 'watch' those files. The same goes for the files in the package/tcl directory.

To reload the datamodel for a package, you can either remove/uninstall the package from your OpenACS setup (this will trigger the package-drop.sql) and recreate the application or just drop your tablespace (dropdb) and start from scratch.