Forum OpenACS Development: Granting permissions.

Posted by Jon Griffin on
For a client project I am having to rewrite the grant permissions pages.

Major problems:

  1. You are given a drop down list of users. This is a joke when you have 500 or more users and you need to find one. (On a side note we also have modified the user-search page to show email and first/last name. Another ridiculous side effect of never testing a system with more than 20 users. Person is a waste of a table the way it is now. More about this in another thread.)
  2. The same thing about drop down lists applies to permissions to a lesser extent.
  3. You can't return to your original admin page as there is no return_to parameter in the code.
  4. The code is old fashioned non-templatized .tcl pages. My graphics designer loves this.
I have made a quick hack already to do a decent user search. Still missing:
  1. Need to return to the original meeting, happening and etc.
  2. Probably should show only relevant permissions (i.e. don't show content permissions for bboard)
  3. This should all be templatized. I started this on dev, but haven't finished.
  4. We need to use named objects so that a number doesn't show up all the time.
  5. ?? You tell me...
Any other comments/suggestions?
Posted by Roger Williams on
Hello Jon:

I do not know what version you are using (OACS/PG?), but I have been testing some ACS4Tcl applications and I have also seen these problems. Dropping down a box with the permissions for all applications seemed broken to me also. And one of the modules (either filestor or postcard) just uses permission names of read, write, etc. At least the bboard application prepends the name onto the permission name. It seems like lots of inconsistency in this area.

I also found some non-templatized pages.

Are you planning to put these fixes (like the performance enhancements for permissions) back in the arsdigita tree, or just roll them into OACS4?


Posted by Jon Griffin on
Since ACS/tcl is really now, openacs that is where everything will go.