Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 14/Oct/08

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Don, Emma, Dave, Victor

planning to release 2.4.1 this weekend

there are 64 files with wrong markup, it needs to be merged
daveb will merge assessment to head
emma will work on 5.4 then dave'll merge to head and fix the version numbers and HTML problems (in reverse order)

the conference
valencia'll provide complete information in order to post a news at
it appears that it will be 2 days conf, the 3rd will be in spanish, an "open source in education" day
wondering when the tutorials will take place, and same about the bug bash if any

the repository is sync'd evey 30 mins but the feed seems to have another timing, it takes a couple of hours the feed to be updated
vguerra will check it out

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