Forum OpenACS Q&A: Petreley: MS .net strategy: and Open Source

The following article is from "The Open Source" by Nicholas Petreley (infoworld)

MS masters NC mind-set

    WAKE UP, open-source community. The battle is not for the desktop; it is not for the server; it is not for the operating system; it is not for the development environment; it is not about the GNU General Public License (GPL) vs. Microsoft's business model. The battle is primarily about who will control user-authentication services....

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    If it does bother you that Microsoft could control most authentication services, however, then now is the time to join me in sending a wake-up call to the open source community. We must not only be diligent to provide the operating system, the tools, and the standards upon which the future of network computing may be built. We must also provide the services based on those tools. To do any less is to allow Microsoft to slip through the back door and sabotage the future of open standards and open source while we are distracted by the battles Microsoft pretends to wage in the foreground.

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