Forum OpenACS Development: Response to ecommerce status?

Posted by Janine Ohmer on

I think Bart has said everything I would say.  The Tcl library I was
working on was for Goemerchant, but their interface only allows
auths, nothing else, and it was too limiting.  I abandoned that
effort and used the CyberCash module, since the Cybercash
gateway was available to me.  Apparently it will not be available
for the next site. :(

In general I think the more different interfaces we can support,
the better it will be for the user base as a whole.  To that end, I
think the thing to do is to parameterize the credit card functions.
That is, allow the site developer to specify via entries in the
parameters file which actions are supported by the gateway s/he
is using, and then use if statements to turn on and off the various
pieces of functionality which depend on those actions.

I can't offer to help with this;  I have too much on my plate already.
But I will attempt to answer questions via e-mail if you need any