Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open Source and business thoughts

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Right, Michael.  I actually don't think we should start a PR war
against anyone - I believe we will do better if we stick to
promoting our strengths, not pointing out the weaknesses of
others.  Not that anyone was suggesting otherwise, just wanted
to make that point! :)

The one exception would be a competetive analysis of OpenACS
vs the other products a potential client might choose, and I do
believe that should include Zope as well as all the other
products mentioned here.  I think Talli is planning to write an
analysis of Zope, since he is the one who keeps running into it.

That said, we are also looking at Zope to decide if we want to
offer it as well as OpenACS, but that's a personal decision that
really isn't related to the goals of this discussion at all.  My
reason for bringing it up was, as Michael said, to point out that
they have a much better suite of promotional material than we do
and that we have some catching up to do in that area.