Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to A Technical Paper on Java

Posted by carl garland on

Good job Ben a much needed link for future here are my kneejerk thoughts.

I use TCL because AOLserver exists and it is the optimized included language offering the best bang for buck programming wise with AOLserver. Why AOLserver is a different question but if Java or COBOL were the language as tightly integrated I would use them till another language was available that provided superior performance and brought to the table the same features/performance.

I think many people dont understand the underlying TCL integration that exists in our application server (aolserver). If AOLserver didnt exist I would probably use Java because the things I need / want are next best found in that toolset but are better in AOLserver. For me I think its not a question of picking a language but rather picking a tool and then the best language to go with it to get the job done that I am after.

I am just happy that TCL brings some nice things along with it since it is really the only option for my tool of choice.

Best Regards, Carl Garland