Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by David Kuczek on
I am absolutely agreeing to what Jerry is saying:

"I like Tom's suggestion that we turn general comments on the /doc and other pieces of documentation at OpenACS. Regrettably, when this was suggested back in April it died a quiet death and the community moved to using wp as documentation tool in early May. We quickly wrote four wps and no more have been written in a month. One problem with using wimpypoint, to the best of my knowledge there is no integration of wimpypoint and general comments yet, so there is no way for users to leave comments about any of the wimpies they read.

Of course, this message itself is just once more around the loop for most of us. Most of us here participated the first time in April, and then again in May, and then again again in May."

It occurs to me that we are talking a lot about changes lately, but nothing visible happens. My suggestions are:

1. We have to use polls a lot more. In order to make them visible for every member, the polls should appear on the first page as news. Additionally they should have a deadline and after that deadline they should be implemented as soon as possible.

2. Maybe we need a person that has the rights to implement changes that are wanted by the community. I have quite some examples in mind, where we came up with nice ideas to improve, but they faded in the dark as they were never implemented. I understand that the founding members put a lot of work in getting 4.x done, but then again we need a webmaster that is not involved in the porting effort and therefore has enough time to improve

3. If the polls return the majority of the community members want a Wikki, a Wikki should be implemented ASAP period. Let's get some more democracy into openacs.

I believe that people slowly get frustrated with only suggesting improvements.

From a marketing perspective the appearance and features of are at least as important as the 4.x porting...

Let's vote on a webmaster who is willing and has the ability to change the face and function of