Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Sorry Ben, I didn't really start this thread to discuss the merits of WIKIs, only to point out the complete lack of meaning that the name has. A WIKI now appears to me to be complete anarchy. It seems to be a proxy for indecision and disorganiztion.

The basis of the intenet is the careful delegation of control and responsibility. Usually the people in control are given the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, but hopefully not anything (or anyone) higher up the chain of delegation. A WIKI appears to give ultimate control to those with the least responsibility.

The hyperlink is a prime example of a mechanism of delegation. The hyperlink has crosslinked the hierarchical structure of the internet making it much more useful.

My suggestion is that the hyperlink should be used instead of whatever a WIKI does to provide more than a WIKI ever could.

Now for those who wish to create files with abandon, try out zipi: Zipi is going to be a collection of AOLserver scripts that can be written while directing half attention toward a late night talk show.