Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
I've spent a fair amount of time poking around in the squeak
wikki. You know what? I find it harder to find things there than

I've spent at least half a year trying to put together some kind of a
coalition or steering committee for an OpenACS-based solution
that shall remain nameless. You know what? The
community is much more efficient at getting things done

Do we need a better system of organizing knowledge here?
Sure. What we need is basically a light-weight knowledge
management system.

You want a solution? Fine.

Here's an easy one:

Create an FAQ using the FAQ module. In the answer sections,
create hyperlinks to  the HOWTOs, wimpypoint presentations,
documentation, bboard posts, and whatever else.

Problem solved. No wikki. No committee. "Easy peazy," as the
Naked Chef likes to say.