Forum OpenACS Q&A: Inability to access AOLserver from other machines -- check IP configuration of server

Non local access issues:

AOLserver as installed from my RPM runs on the specified port of the IP address given by [ns_address], and also uses the host name returned by [ns_hostname].

I would check that when you installed RH you gave the machine a real host name and IP address other than

What does the shell command



And what does /etc/hosts say about the IP address corresponding to that host name?

If your machine believes itself to 'be' localhost.localdomain, and if /etc/hosts believes that that hostname corresponds to, then you coudl get exactly the symptoms you describe.

In other words, I strongly suspect the issue is with the way RH, and in particular RH IP networking, was installed.

One other way to confirm this is to do

/bin/netstat -nl --tcp |grep :8000

and look at the fourth (local address) colum of the output. If things are set up correctly, this would show the real network address of the machine, a colon, and 8000. If it is using localhost.localdomain, it will look like

RPM installs are generally expected to be relatively silent, so trying to add tests for this that display warnings about it at install time seems sort of against the norm for RPMs.

You can fix it by setting up networking on your machine well, setting the hostname to its real value by editing both /etc/HOSTNAME and /etc/sysconfig/network (the line starting with HOSTNAME=) to the corrected value, and then doing

/bin/hostname -F /etc/HOSTNAME
/sbin/service network restart
/sbin/service aolserver restart