Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by David Kuczek on

your core argument is that people should trust you and Don with your judgement. I for my part can only say that I trust most members and especially you two as of your immense technical skills and the work that you have put into OpenACS which outrises mine by quite some factor.
I didn't mean to replace you as a webmaster, but suggested to additionally take somebody new into the boat, who increases time to market of changes to face and function of I must have expressed myself a little bit too fuzzy.

Out of my own real life community experience I can say that one of the most important factors to motivation are transparency and the ability of every member to change things.

Therefore I will not vote on your created poll, as it has not the options I would have voted for...

Maybe we could have a category inside bboard called "improvement of" where propositions are discussed. After the true pros and cons are discussed up to a certain point or date the community can vote on it. The funny thing is that I never heard until your last thread that you and Don already decided against a Wiki and that security issues were one of the major reasons, if I understood you correctly. Note that I am only taking Wiki as an example!!!

After the community has voted or the "steering committee" has decided the result should be posted on an "improvement roadmap". This roadmap would contain the proposed changes, whether or not they will be realized, until when if yes and who is the coordinator of that change.

Up to your last thread I didn't know that you and some other people were already discussing design changes to I mentioned design in the past, but never heard anybody responding. This I mean with transparency...

I like the idea of no taxation without representation. But keep in mind that citizens under 18 are not allowed to vote.

And now I hope that the fire that has been in some words doesn't burn the house but gives it a unique new color 😊