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22: Bens Poll (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
<steam>When I read about Bens poll I thought, has the community finally gone nuts. A steering comittee should lift some work especially of Ben and Don's shoulders. By empowering more members of the community, you'll get more work done. Sure, all of them can still work right away with the current structure, but I see the community growing beyond the scope of the current setup. Do you think is still maintained mainly by Philip?</steam>

<dream>If the companies involved in the community decide to support a dedicated webmaster for and showcase sites, I don't think Ben would object leaving the tedious work of maintaining a site (and subsites for each major project) to someone else. But does that mean we think he is not up to the job anymore. Well at least for me I can say, the main point is I'd like to see Ben write tons of papers like the Java one and evangelise about OpenACS than to work on setting up a bboard, check the error log of and "fight" his way through all the requests for changes on the site.</dream>

That beeing said, let me come to my second point. I think most of the people asking for w*** and stuff like that want to have a way to store structured knowledge that is easy to find for others and easy to maintain. There are a lot of approaches to this, I've described the one I favour in german at aD implemented most of this at Siemens. I hope they will release this back to the community. Talking about it, I'll create one for Knowledge Management with OpenACS. Don't expect it to come up within the next three weeks though, as my final exams draw nearer.

P.S.: Oh yeah, if someone wants to translate my paper or help with translating, just do it. I wont have the time to do it till middle of October.