Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by Roberto Mello on
David, Ben (and the rest of the team) _never_ refused any contribution from anybody. That doesn't mean that we accepted every suggestion ever sent to us, that'd be nuts, but that we considered them all, and Ben never refused help with the website.

"Out of my own real life community experience I can say that one of the most important factors to motivation are transparency and the ability of every member to change things."

Ability to change things is one thing, but ability to change everything to everybody is insane, utopic and unrealistic.

IMHO what is need is more action. Do you have the talent to jazz up a better website for What's stopping you from e-mail'ing Ben and letting him know? You want to help with documentation? What's stopping you from e-mail'ing me and writing it?

Malte, the members of this community always had the power. They have the power now. Thing is some people are more committed than others, and some people don't want to commit as much. Want to be a leader? Show me your actions first. Show me what you're doing or have done for the community and then we can talk about a steering committee.

More bureaucracy will only lead to more "paper" work and taking the fun out of working on OpenACS, which is the whole point, IMHO.